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Our Core Values

Empowered to Live believes that investing in the lives of young people can bring forth change in the community. We strive to equip youth with the necessary resources, support, and opportunities that will help them reach their full potential. Our staff and volunteers are committed to achieving this goal by delivering programs and upholding the following six (6) core values:


We believe lives can be affected by influential people which is why we are committed to working together. 

A Supportive Hug
Colleagues Working Together


We are committed to inspiring youth and families to gain a sense of self-worth and the courage to reach their full potential.


We believe in remaining transparent and honest throughout every encounter with employees, clients, stakeholders, and the public by offering the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics.

Image by George Pagan III
Image by Mark Duffel


We are committed to inspiring pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instilling a sense of hope in the lives of young people and families. 


We believe in delivering excellent services to our program participants, stakeholders, and government officials by meeting them right where they are without forming any judgement. 

Volunteers on Construction Site


We strive to foster relationships with organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to promote positive change within the community through a shared vision.

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